Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The New Hillary Clinton Debate Reaction Cam

 The Hillary Clinton Debate Reaction Cam It was not an uplifting debate, which seemed fitting for an election in which so many likely voters find both candidates repellent. Trump became unhinged a third of the way through last night’s matchup at Hofstra University and rudely interrupted the moderator. Clinton came off as too pleased with herself and failed, once again, to deliver a digestible vision of how she would change the country. Still, anyone would have to say the night was Hillary Clinton’s, largely because Donald Trump could not help but show himself to be unfit for office.

 Driven, as usual, by ego, he unwisely made the debate about himself. The New Hillary Clinton Debate Reaction Cam Trump’s claim that he had a better temperament than hers was absurd. Even more so was his lie that he had never supported the Iraq war. Worse was the nutty suggestion that the press call Fox News’s rabidly rightwing host, Sean Hannity, a Trump supporter, for confirmation. His embrace of stop and frisk – and abrupt refusal to accept Lester Holt’s word that the policy was ruled unconstitutional – was astonishing. His call for the restoration of “law and order” was a dated Nixon mantra, perhaps encouraged by Roger Ailes, who crafted the disgraced president’s comeback nearly 50 years ago.

He had no substantive rebuttals about his treatment of women or his clinging to the birther conspiracy that so insulted Barack Obama and the intelligence of American voters. As usual, Clinton showed command of policy, offered lots of sensible specifics but failed to provide an overarching theme for her candidacy. But if her intention was to let Trump asphyxiate himself, mission accomplished. I’ve covered presidential debates since Gerald Ford disastrously said there was no communist domination of eastern Europe.

I saw Ronald Reagan sink Jimmy Carter with a single utterance: “There you go again.” These moments decided elections. It will take more debates to decide this one. The debate began with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump color trolling each other – him in a Democratic blue tie, her in a Republican red pantsuit. She was as confident and cheerful as he was blustering and dour – no “morning in America” Reagan optimism from Trump. I wondered if Trump was making missteps when he described his father giving him “a very small loan” (which was really for a million dollars), or when he responded to Clinton accusing him of betting against the housing market by coldly saying: “That’s called business, by the way.” Did he stumble when Clinton accused him of stiffing an architect by responding, “Maybe he didn’t do a good job and I was unsatisfied with his work”? The Hillary Clinton Debate Reaction Cam

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